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Looking for someone to mod/repair an Atari 7800


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Hello! I'm looking for someone to do an AV composite mod for an Atari 7800. I already have the mod for it (see picture), but I don't know how to install it myself. Guessing the console could use a recap and all the good maintenance type of stuff one would do for aging hardware.


Additionally, paddle controllers do not seem to work on this console when playing 2600 paddle based games. I would like for that issue to get fixed, as well.


Otherwise, I've not really experienced any issues with the console. Plays 7800 games fine and most 2600 games (a few Activision games won't boot up, but think that's expected).


If there are recommendations on who to contact or if you're interested in doing the work, please let me know! Thanks ahead of time!



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