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Pirate Cove for Atari 7800


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Easter greetings to the ones who happen to celebrate it.


Several years ago I had some email contacts with Scott Adams, the author of a well known text adventure called "Pirate Cove".

This game became an easter egg for the "Atari Lynx MegaPak I" game collection with his approval.


I wanted to see if the game could be ported to 7800 as well. And here it is!!!!



The game is pretty heavily modified in order to include graphics and sounds in the game.


The controls are also a bit different as the 7800 keyboard appears to be "in the works" still. So you have to spell out what you want to do with the joystick instead.

The FIRE button is <ENTER>

The SELECT button is <WALKTHROUGH> cheat.

(The 2nd FIRE button can also be used as a <WALKTHROUGH> cheat.)


The reason I added an easy way to play through the game is that the Atari 7800 lacks save game functionality. So the <WALKTHROUGH> is intended to quickly get you to the place you left at during the last play session.


Unfortunately the <WALKTHROUGH> does not always work correctly. This is because there is some random elements like the "tide". If you walk into the ocean in high tide you need to know how to swim.


Thank you goes to lots of people on the 7800/Programmers forum for pushing me in the right direction.
And @gambler172 for talking me into coding for the 7800 in the first place. And for testing plus advice.

@RevEng for a lovely sfx library.

@Pat Brady for sharing the right docs and the joystick driver.

@rj1307 for Dragonfly making it possible to run my creations on the real unit.

Alexis & Scott Adams for writing the original adventure.


Enjoy it!


Edit: For the ones who want to look at bits. You know '0' and '1' I also share the sources karri / piratecove / 7800 — Bitbucket

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My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20.  I played through to completion all five Scott Adams titles: Adventureland, Pirate Cove, Voodoo Castle, Mission Impossible, The Count.  Some great memories and times.  All were cartridge based.  I remember you had to type a POKE command to actually get the game to start - or was it a SYS command (?) - anyhow, pretty cool seeing Pirate Cove ported to the 7800.   Thanks for doing that.

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Very clever to have the verbs and nouns prepopulate.  I thought it was going to be character-by-character input.  This way, it almost feels like a prelude to the SCUMM interface.


*EDIT:  For those playing along via emulation, under A7800, real-time save states are created by starting with the F6 key, and they are loaded by starting with the F7 key.  Real-time save states are not unique to each game, but you have the entire alphabet (A-Z) and numbers (0-9) at your disposal to utilize (Just avoid leveraging a letter or number bound to a function of the console or controllers).

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Pirate Cove on tomorrow's stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!




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