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New demo; Castlevania


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2 hours ago, Xuel said:

Looking great!


Looks like you're using ANTIC graphics for the background and VBXE for the foreground? I suppose that's faster than blitting both background and foreground using the VBXE and disabling ANTIC?

thank you!

Well, it was a bit experimental - I was curious when i should ran out of cycles with almost everything in it without disabling Antic...but I still haven't reached that point, and it amazes me a bit with all the calculations, animations, setting all blitterblocks etc.. I also thought it would be nice to have something 'real A8' in it and thus for the background and probably status bar etc.



2 hours ago, Xuel said:

Would that be true even if you used X-scaling in the blit to get the same pixel size as ANTIC mode E?

I really don't know, it would be interesting to test,! My programming time is to scarse....

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