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RetroGameCon 2022


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7 hours ago, BBWW said:

Oh man, Too close to PRGE! I did grow up about 40 miles from there...tempting...

Yeah, and the same weekend as NY Comicon. My daughter works near  Syracuse, so it's a no brainer. And it might be a good launching point to drive west...

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On 7/24/2022 at 12:11 AM, gunoz said:

Cool! Met you there back in 2019, I was the most boring person there ?


Anything new for the show?

There are quite a few new things since 2019.  The featured exhibit will be my Bump & Jump level editor, but using my Intellicart to play your custom levels on a real Intellivision.


Back at RGC Junior in May, I demoed Little Man Computer running in jzIntv on my PC (I don't have a Tutor Pro, so no original hardware for this), plus X-Ray & DILLIGAS using my loose cartridge, and a password generator for NES The Guardian Legend.  I can have these handy again.

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6 minutes ago, Zendocon said:

I'll be at table 153, in the "Indie Devs" section, overlooking "Console Freeplay".

I think that's almost exactly where you were in 2019 🤔


Probably be my first stop, unless my daughter sees anything Zelda along the way from the entrance 😂

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Yes, I was in the corner of the dev tables, overlooking the arcade freeplay area.  The console freeplay wasn't very far from there.


I like being in the corner of the tables, because I can ease congestion a little bit with clever arrangement of everything.  At RGC Junior back in May, I was at the end of a chain of tables, right next to a stairwell, and I put that little extra bit of room to good use.

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