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Hey cool, Switch is getting Denuvo now!

Steven Pendleton

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20 hours ago, digdugnate said:

Eh, I don't see this as big of a problem as people seem to think.  There's lots of titles that don't use it, and if ones do and you object, you don't need the game that bad.


(Just don't buy one with Denuvo and complain, because I won't feel sorry for you)

Unfortunately, we don't yet know if it will be obvious if a Switch game has Denuvo prior to buying it. Steam tells you when games have Denuvo, so hopefully something like that is implemented for Switch games. At least on PC most Denuvo games have... relatively simple ways to not have to worry about Denuvo, as far as I am aware. Still, while it is up to the individual developers to implement it, I still think this is something to be aware of going forward. Nothing like potentially not being able to play your games that you legally bought because of stupid Denuvo and the stupid companies that use it (yes, Sega, that's you, and I will not be surprised if future Sega Switch releases have Denuvo)...

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This seems utterly whiny to get upset about and it has a lot of assumption too.  This isn't a windows PC where it has been known to do treacherous stuff through online checks and background processes through there.  If this were in a Switch game it would be an offline thing, basically like an encryption lock to block emulators, and if Nintendo isn't on board with it, but isn't stopping others, well that's their choice.  Are you stealing Switch games and running emulators instead of buying?  Well then, that's your problem, and the emulator authors and hackers which I assume would probably break it within a matter of hours, days, maybe a month depending how severe as a huge middle finger given their hatred of the maker.

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