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Lynx High Score Club 2022 II: Round 3 - Paperboy and A Bugs Trip Redux

Rick Dangerous

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Atari Lynx High Score Club 2022 II: Round 3



This round we play Paperboy and A Bugs Trip Redux (ROUND COMPLETE)


Round Over: Sunday September 18th 2022 11:59pm EST




Link to manual scan -


AtariAge - Atari Lynx Manuals - Paperboy (Atari), Homebrew-TBD


Settings -


Paperboy: Hard


A Bugs Trip Redux:  Play cart version; submit high score. 



Add your Score from Paperboy!  Please put your score in text in your post please, make my life a little easier. 


HSC Record:  None yet for hard!

Paperboy scores:


1. sdrake                                  327,870.  +10

2. JagChris                                276,745.  +8

3. DamonPlus                            204,795.  +6

4. doctor_shred                         186,255.  +4

5. Rick Dangerous                      110,925.  +2

6. Ninjabba                                 89,220.  +1

7. jgkspsx                                   35,040.  +1





A Bug's Trip scores:


1. jgkspsx                                    1,269. +10











Current season point standings -


1. jgkspsx                    31

2. Rick Dangerous         26

3. JagChris                   24

4. jeremiahjt                18

5. DamonPlus               16

6. doctor_shred            14

7. Mr.JT                        11

8. neogeo1982              10

8. sdrake                      10

10. Ninjabba                   1



Any corrections please post

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9 hours ago, Rick Dangerous said:

One more day for a homebrew suggestion; then i'll post the next event in Alpine Games.  Anyone got anything they want to play? 

My suggestions:



Microvaders (Easter egg in Lexis)

A Bug’s Trip

Raid on Tricity


Sadly a lot of awesome recent homebrew does not have scores or has a maximum/minimum score.

Maybe we could do @karri‘s Bathman? Winning the game is pretty challenging so the lowest score wins. We could also rank people who beat it in order of beating it.

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10 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

@Fadest, would it be a fair fight between people using the rom and people using the cartridge, score wise? I like having options that don’t make people fork out money or exclude people without a real Lynx of their own. Or might it be possible to make Redux temporarily available on Argon?

There are some differences between the final version of a Bug's Lynx and @Songbird A Bug's Trip Redux. Levels are probably 99% the same (only minor changes) but gameplay wise, Carl asked for some improvements that makes the game a bit different.

I have no problem to add A Bug's Trip Redux for a limited time on Argon during the contest, but it is also up to Carl to give its opinion as he has the publishing rights.

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I don't know if I can touch that score but it will be fun to try. 


Paperboy is one of the all time great games and we're so lucky to have this version. It's damn near perfect. It's not too zoomed in or out.


I guess I'm out for a bugs Lynx. I only have the 2009 version.

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On 9/3/2022 at 10:12 PM, JagChris said:

I guess I'm out for a bugs Lynx. I only have the 2009 version.

Final version of A Bug's Lynx (with the 40 levels + the 12 hidden ones) is still available for free download.

It's a Bug's Trip Redux that is only commercial, as Carl got the rights for the game, and asked for some improvements (that you can check in the a Bug's Trip Demo also available on itch.io )


So depending on which version is used for the contest, I guess it could be easy to play the game.

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