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Happy_Dude's Crypto Contest IV


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The last contests where kind of easy ;) Mainly because

I wasn't actually "encrypting" them :o I was simply

"Encoding" and thats simple to break. So this time

I'm using actual encryption (but it can still be broken

with pen and paper ;) )



For those just joining us the gist of this is I give you

a piece of cypher text that is a question, you have to

decrypt it and answer the question.

The questions aren't usually very hard but if you don't

know the answer then "Do Not" post the decrypted question.

Decrypting it is half the fun ;)

The winner will be givin a choice of carts.




here we go ....




Msnm tu nrdho rlyp rf nmbzgzd k ?




You have 1 guess per day (so I don't have to reset guesses)

And I'll be droping hints whenever I feel like it.

Good luck.

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