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NES Clone Consoles

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16 hours ago, Tanooki said:

I feel I should ask, why are you questioning why any NOAC console clone would not run those games?


That's some very basic stuff you'll find on a period multicart of all things... Arkanoid, Bump n Jump, Solomon's Key, Gradius etc.


I'm asking because some clones don't work with certain games.  Also, I don't know anything about a CNROM Mapper.  I wanted to know which clone console can play games that use it.  There's a homebrew game I ordered and was told that it will only work on a clone system that runs games using the CNROM Mapper.  

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Well any of them should unless it's just grossly defective.  It's a basic mapper, if you can even call it it as much, it's more of a basic enhancement chip compared to what would be considered actual memory mapper chips (MMCs) like the MMC1, MMC3 and variants, MMC5 etc.  Early stuff like the NROM, CNROM, etc they just allowed for slightly bigger game storage basically through bank switching and what not.  They're so generic and require so little to actually work they're largely what ends up in those 1990~ era overseas multicarts.


Usually even the trashier NOAC devices can handle all that and largely what the better MMCs from the US side of things could do, at least the MMC1, 3 stuff, but 2(MTPO), 4, 5(Castlevania 3, KOEI) they tend to get left hanging with issues in the poor end of those devices with errors or just not working at all.

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As far as I know, there are a few mappers that don't work properly even on modern clones, the Rare Mapper being one of them, everything else is just the manufacturer wanting to cheap out on the components, the removal of the expansion port and the audio from the cartridges for example.

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