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I FINALLY beat super mario after 28 years

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On 11/25/2022 at 11:47 PM, MaximRecoil said:

"Trivial nonsense"? You're the one who volunteered your anecdote about beating SMB 2 when you were ~12, and described it as "quite easy." How can you remember it being "quite easy" but not remember, even roughly, how long it took you to beat it?



It is “trivial nonsense” to me.  If you or anyone else fills differently, that’s fine too.  With the exception of the very few that stuck with me (usually because there’s a life impacting story along with those) I just never cared to notice and remember if the many, many games I’ve played as a kid were finished in an hour, an afternoon,  a whole weekend, etc.  Never mattered to me.


You’re right about one thing, though.  I did voluntarily stagger into this pissing contest.  That was my mistake. So I’ll go ahead and bounce right out.  Best of luck to you on your quest to convince everyone your way of thinking is and must be The Way.  

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