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Asphalt WIP


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This is a project that I've started some time ago and never finished.

I'm sharing it here so that you can test and gve me your feedback, this will hopefully force me to finalise it.

The game is complete, in the sense you can end it, but needs some polishing especially in the opponents IA.

I'd like also to add some more difficulties, like obstacles on the road and road width variations.

the game is a "remake" of an Amstrad CPC game, I've added a bit of a story behind:


Here is the rom file :


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Updated SW with stuck opponent bug removed
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I never had played this game before. I like very much how you managed to get multicolor sprites.


I found almost by accident that you can turn around the turret for shooting. Cool game! 😎


I played two levels and found a small bug where the enemies got stuck in their positions. Find attached a screenshot.




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Yes I need to correct this.


For controls :

- Up/Down moves the truck

- Left/Right turns the turret clockwise / counter clockwise

- Each button controls a different device:

          - Turret gun firing

          - Drop Mine behind the truck

          - Flamethrowers on both sides of the truck




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I found out that with IntyBasic if you have 2 tunes defined, one with 8 channels (using the ECS expansion) and one without (having only 4 channels) the second one is not played correctly, notes will be sent to the ECS (and therefore skipped if you do not have ECS and everything will be messed up.



    Note that if you use more than 4 channels, then the tracker automatically will
    turn on ECS support to allow you to play 8 channels. (4 in base PSG and 4 in ECS

    Note also if you use ECS support then all your MUSIC statements should integrate
    more than 4 arguments, use at least one silence in 5th argument as play format
    will be 64 bits instead of 32 bits.


I've corrected the GameOver tune so that it plays correctly.

Also, I didn't tell it before but intro screen tune is using ECS audio for a much better tune!



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On 10/28/2022 at 11:24 AM, Utopia said:

Nice and a faithful reproduction of the Amstrad game. 👍

Thank you.


Small updates:

- Opponents are not staying blocked around the truck anymore

- better Game Over music

- Truck explosion animation added


I'm working on freeing up GRAMs to manage obstacles on the road.

I might need to rework many stuff to align GRAMs differently in order to allow more to be loaded in one frame.



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