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22 hours ago, carlsson said:

Sometimes I feel like the left/right movement doesn't register properly. Perhaps it is my joystick or the Atari computer but I didn't notice the same thing with other games.

No, I've got the same problem. I turn left but the guy keeps on running right. I thought it's my SNACK/8bitdo wireless/8bitdo Gampad-combination, but i happend with my normal Atari joystick, too.


EDIT: And I've got a new high score: 45,500


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Almost certainly Deteacher will not beat my last score in the remaining few hours :-D so here are the nearly final tables!

just checked the HSC CC record and it's held by  _Fandal_  69,800  from season 2 so close!


Canyon Climber     Bonus HSC HSC
Player   Score Points Points Total
therealbountybob   67,200   12 12
Deteacher   64,900 1 11 12
AtariSphinx   53,600   10 10
MichaG   45,500   9 9
carlsson   45,400   9 9
graywest   43,000   8 8
8BIT 1337   37,000   8 8
Absalon                36,400   7 7
McKong   34,200   6 6
littleman jack   23,000   5 5
chevymad   22,600   4 4
mimo   20,200   3 3
littleman jr   9,000   2 2
RedThunder   7,200   2 2
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