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Intellivision Congo Bongo for Trade


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I have a very clean Congo Bongo for the Intellivision. This is a list of things that I need. NIB or Sealed only with a few exceptions like and Intellivision II test cart and manual. Some of these are worth more and most are worth less than the Congo Bongo. That said I will consider all offers and combinations. Odds are I ALREADY have these used and some I am looking to upgrade. I will post pictures of Congo Bongo from my phone as I am traveling and using multiple devices. 


Here is the list of what I need:


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2.0, HK Sealed)
Frog Bog (2.0, HK Sealed)
Sea Battle (1.0, "KB Comp" USA Sealed)
Sea Battle (3.0, "G1" USA Sealed)
Shark! Shark! (2.0, HK Sealed)
SNAFU (2.0, HK Sealed)
Space Battle (1.0, Red USA Sealed)
Sub Hunt (2.0, HK Sealed)
Tron: Maze-A-Tron (2.0, HK Sealed)
Vectron (2.0, HK Sealed)
Vectron (3.0, SG Sealed)
Electric Co Math Fun (1.0, FCTVVO, Sealed)
Electric Co Math Fun (3.0, "KB Comp" USA, Sealed)
Electric Co Word Fun (1.0, "KB Comp" USA, Sealed)
Electric Co Word Fun (3.0, "G1" HK, Sealed)
Scooby Doo's® Maze Chase (1.0, Gatefold, Sealed)
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack ("G1" USA Sealed)
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (1.0, FCTVVO, Sealed)
B-17 Bomber (2.0, HK)
Astrosmash (2.0, HK)
Space Hawk (2.0, HK)
Auto Racing (1.0, "KB Comp" USA Sealed)
Auto Racing (3.0, "G1" USA Sealed)
Major League® Baseball (1.0, FCTVVO, Sealed)
NASL® Soccer (1.0, "KB Comp" USA Sealed)
NASL® Soccer (4.0, "G2" HK Sealed)
PGA Golf (1.0, "KB Comp" USA Sealed)
Tennis (1.0, "KB Comp" USA Sealed)
US Ski Team Skiing (1.0, "KB Comp" USA Sealed)
ABPA® Backgammon (1.0, FCTVVO, Sealed)
ABPA® Backgammon (2.0, "KB Comp" USA, Sealed)
Buzz Bombers (1.0, FCTVVO, Sealed)
Motocross (1.0, Mattel, Sealed)
Zaxxon® (1.0, Sealed)
Championship Tennis (2.0, "Nice Ideas" Only)
Swords & Serpents (Blue Spine, Sealed)
Q*bert® (US Lid-Top, Sealed)
Auto Racing (Upgrade Intellivision Inc., Sealed)
Backgammon (Intellivision Inc., Sealed)
Bump 'N' Jump® (Intellivision Inc., Sealed)
Las Vegas Roulette (Intellivision Inc., Sealed)
Auto Racing (Sears, Sealed)
Backgammon (Sears, Sealed)
Basketball (Sears, Sealed)
Checkers (Sears, Sealed)
Frog Bog (Sears, Sealed)
Golf (Sears, Sealed)
Hockey (Sears, Sealed)
Roulette (Sears, Sealed)
Skiing (Sears, Sealed)
Snafu (Sears, Sealed)
Soccer (Sears, Sealed)
Sub Hunt (Sears, Sealed)
Tennis (Sears, Sealed)
Utopia (Sears, Sealed)
Atlantis (Int'l Release, Sealed)
B-17 Bomber
Bonb Squad
BurgerTime (Canadian, Sealed)
Carnival® (Canada, Sealed)
Carnival® (UK CBS, Sealed)
Donkey Kong (Canada, Sealed)
Dracula (Int'l Release, Sealed)
Dragonfire (Int'l Release, Sealed)
Draughts (Sealed)
Ice Trek (Int'l Release, Sealed)
Lady Bug® (Canada, Sealed)
Microsurgeon (Int'l Release, Sealed)
Mission X
Mouse Trap® (Canada, Sealed)
Nova Blast (Int'l Release, Sealed)
Popeye (Int'l, Sealed)
Space Armada (Red Variant Sealed)
Space Spartans
Turbo (Canada, Sealed)
Turbo (CBS Int'l, Sealed)
Venture (Canada, Sealed)
Zaxxon® (Canada, Sealed)
Shark! Shark! (Int'l, Sealed)
Many Foreign Mattel Games
Demo Cart (Sealed International Red Box)
Demo Cart (Sealed Red Box)
Sears Intellivision Super Arcade (w/ Foam)
Videoplexer M800 Multi-Cart Device (Sealed)
Wico Command Joystick (Sealed)
Quik-Fire Controller Attachment
Flintstones Overlays (Original IntelligentVision)
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I've got a sealed Mission X you can just have. It's not perfect, but it's not bad. The white back is a bit off white with age, and there's a dent on the top rear corner and some sticker gunk where somebody tried to peel off the price tag. If you want it though, PM me your address and I'll drop it in the mail next time I scrounge up a box.


You collect shrinkwrapped variants?



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I may sell it. I valued it at 650 for trade. I would take less cash. This one is in pretty sweet shape. Some are going for close to 700 these days. But I got a good deal on it and for me it is not really about making a lot of cash. It is getting something I need.


As to the Mission X I think it is the upgrade of our Gatefold Mission X. I’ll have to check to be sure.

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