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My Perfection Game!

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Hello Everyone,


I just fixed my game 'Perfect' which is based on the board game Perfection.


I decided to give it out free to all to play :)




Disc moves the square cursor.


Select a piece on the righthand side of the screen, press the top action button to pick it up.


You can change the orientation of the piece using the bottom action buttons.


To place the piece onto the board press the Enter button.


To return the piece back to the righthand side, press Clear.


Have fun and don't forget to share your best time!!





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Unfortunately I don't have a CC3 or LTO  (or the $500-600 to spare to get either one of them in 2022) so it's backbit or bust here! =D


I am working with @evietron (she's doing the brilliant stuff, I just test the brilliance) but some work with the ram (for games like chess and even JLP stuff) is in development so maybe, just maybe something with that development might cross some line?  

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I know it has been a while. But it does work on the CC3. 

And I too have experienced the inexactness of the movement using the Intellivision controller. 

I wish there was an option to have the clock count so we could complete the puzzle. Seven-and-a-half seconds is not a lot of time for each puzzle piece. 

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