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Trouble copying software from RespeQt to Atari 1050


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I am trying to copy some software from RespeQt to my 1050. It's an old text game called Softporn Adventure. I used Mydos 4.53/4. After copying the program doesn't load properly. I get the opening screen that asks if I want to load a saved game, but the next screen  gives me a "program load error." This happens whether I choose to load a saved game or not. I have to run the game from a floppy to have the ability to save the game. The only option for saving is to the drive the game runs from, and it won't let me save to the virtual drive. I used Duplicate disk in mydos and if I look at the contents of each disk, at least by size, they are exactly the same.  I've copied other disks this way with no problems.

Any thoughts?

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I'm a little surprised no one has answered this yet,  so...


Did you get the original download from Atarimania?  I see that it is an ATR, so it should copy easily.  Things from Atarimania load and run fine, 99.99+% of the time.


Did you copy from RespeQt to the 1050 using the sector copy method?  If not, do so using the MyDos J menu option: Source,Destination (1-720)


Does it require Basic to run?


If it still won't run properly, I'll dig into to this further.


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