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Fruit Fly Fun (Atari 2600)


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The new goal of mine is to make three tiny 1k games and then make a menu that is also 1k for a total of 4k. Three games - no bankswitching. The constant theme between them all is they all must have bananas in them and they all must do good things (i.e. bananas cannot kill you.) I just finished up my first 1k game, a remake of the very first game I ever made. The original bB code has been lost to time, but I was able to remake it using assembly and add new things. It was originally called Zyx, but I think I'll rename it as not to confuse with the new homebrew Qyx.


I've posted a binary file of this game in the hopes I could get feedback on it. Which I will do with all three of the games I want to make. But I need some help. And that comes in the form of ideas for these other two games I want to make. As you can see it is 1k in size. Will this work on a Harmony cart or do I have to recompile it to 2k?


I'm wondering whether I should make the fast speed of the fruit faster. The only things I can change is stuff like that, because I have 1 byte left. What do you think, all?


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I'm afraid I can't have multiple fruits falling because I only have 5 bytes left. My goal is to fit these games in just 1k. But I changed the game again to try and make it more difficult. The creature moves faster to accommodate the wider well. The bananas are now taller than the oranges (just like in real life.) My highest score is 141 so far.


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I couldn't sleep, so I began work on the menu even though I have to make one more game. I have about 1,600 bytes left for it so I may make some good changes to the other games if I have room after putting the third game in and enabling it in the menu.


Press the reset switch to come back to the menu.


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I changed some stuff and fixed other stuff. Everything should be a steady 262 scanlines no matter what you do (except power up the game.)

In "Road Block," I changed it so if you miss a banana the game ends. I also made the speed go faster at 50 and again at 75 and changed the banana graphic. It was beginning to look more like a boomerang than a banana.

I have 1401 bytes left, more than enough room for another 1k game.


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Decided to make a fly-swatting game as the third game.


The fly animation:


The bee animation:


Right now, not much is functional in this game, you can move the fly swatter around, but that's it so far.

I don't know if I can fit the game in 586 bytes or not, but I'll try.


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So I was thinking and I've decided that the fly swatting game has enough interest to stand as its own game. So I may come back to the Going Bananas concept later, and for right now I'm going to work on the new game, tentatively called "flies!" For those of you with a Harmony cart, please test this and see if the score goes off the screen. I tried it and it's good on my TV, but I need to see if it would cut off on other TVs.

This will be a 2k game if I can help it. I have 939 bytes left, double the size if I had kept working on it as part of Going Bananas.


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