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WTB: Tandy CoCo 3


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10 hours ago, tuf said:

I've always had a curiosity about the CoCo since the olden days when I used to repair them at a Tandy Computer Center.


If anyone has a 2 or 3 in great shape or a system for sale please let me know.  I'm bored.

So many nice modern addons project for those also. The CoCo VGA looks great, CocoSDC. Another nice mod to do is to replace the 6809 by a 6309 for a speed boost.


At one time in the 80's I had a C64, an Atari 130XE and a Coco 2 64k. I used the coco mainly for BBS since I had a terminal program for it that gave me a 64 column display which was better than the 40 column mode on the C64 and Atari.

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I've got a 64k CoCo2 I could be talked into getting rid of. I bought it not too long ago with a lot of other CoCo stuff, some of which I wanted. I checked it for power and display when I got it and it seemed to work.


If you're still looking for one, send me a PM with where you're at, and I'll test it out a bit more. I can also get a pair of joysticks and some cartridges if you're interested.


J White


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