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I Figured out how to add any Snes / nes game to my evercade without hacking the firmware.

Now i have alot of my favorites on one cart including the excellent choplifter 3 :) the controls of this machine work great with snes and the image res works great too !



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I ordered a game boy advance connector and directly soldered wires to a mico sd to sd card ..inserted that in a usb stick.

I used a cart that had already snes .. nes games so all you have to do is copy your roms to the games folder




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Well now that is interesting, love to see more of the detail on the how to steps were involved.  Doesn't look too complicated, but some level of soldering expertise is needed, yet I imagine if this could be further dumbed down or simplified it could be made into some cheap working kit for people to take advantage of.

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Posted (edited)

Yes it might be a good idea for me to make a kit with a pcb instead of all these wires lol ..

But basically the evercade cart is a sd card that is only partically used . You could always purchace the eversd. Its a new cart with a removable sd card.. i may make one of those too :) 

* note there are no wires crossed in my wiring..its 1 to 8 on the evercade as you can see lining up with 1 to 8 on the sd card..

i will try to upload a better picture tomorrow.


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I am a big supporter of evercade.. i have almost all the carts, the evercade vs & evercade exp ( those last systems won't accept the modified cart without firmware hack . 

But it's really nice to have your favorite games to play on your handheld.


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