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FS: PAL Nintendo Gamecube DOL-001 console bundle (US seller)

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For sale I have a European PAL Gamecube bundle.  This bundle includes:


  • Indigo PAL DOL-001 console - The console has yellowed and faded a bit with age.  There is a crack near the second memory card slot as well as a chip on the front right corner.  All bottom port covers are included except the Serial Port 2 cover.  This is all cosmetic however as the Gamecube is fully functional.
  • Printer Boy vinyl Indigo dust cover.
  • Game Boy Player
  • US original Power Supply
  • RGB SCART cable from Retro-Access
  • SD Media Launcher/Action Replay with manual, MicroSD USB adapter, and memory card adapter with 1GB SD card with the latest versions of both Swiss and Game Boy Interface software.
  • Official 251 block Memory Card


     In case you didn't know the European Gamecube is the only model of Gamecube that can natively display RGB video.  I've been using this with a Sony PVM monitor that can display both PAL and NTSC, for playing both GameCube & Gameboy games in glorious RGB.  The included SD Media Launcher/Action Replay can launch into the Freeloader software to play US and Japanese games, has Action Replay cheat codes, and when the SD card adapter is inserted with an SD card - launch homebrew software.  Swiss is a great utility for launching homebrew software, and Game Boy Interface is superior to the official Game Boy Player software for playing Gameboy games.  These are both freely available open source programs that are being included for the sake of convenience.  This package has everything you need to get going except for a controller.


     As I used this on a universal CRT monitor only I have no idea how this displays on other monitors, or on modern TVs using a HDMI solution as I do not own one of these devices.  RetroRGB has some info on PAL Gamecubes tho that might be helpful if you have questions:  https://www.retrorgb.com/gamecubeoutput.html


Metroid game is not included.


I'm asking $120 $100 plus shipping OBO from Ohio 43615 USA (the box weighs 5 pounds).  PayPal payment preferred.


Let me know if you have any questions!





IMG_1248 (2).JPG

IMG_1249 (2).JPG

IMG_1250 (2).JPG

IMG_1251 (2).JPG

IMG_1252 (2).JPG

IMG_1253 (2).JPG

IMG_1256 (2).JPG

IMG_1254 (2).JPG

IMG_1255 (2).JPG

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