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Season 13 ~ Week 23 ~ Flash Gordon


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TODAY is the last day to post scores!


Sunday - Last Day to post scores

Monday Morning - Updating Scores

Monday Afternoon - Updating Standings/ Posting Final Standings and declaring the Season 13 Winner. 

Monday Late Afternoon - Contacting the Major League and Minor League Players for Game Choices for the Tournament.

Monday Evening - We START the Major League and Minor League Tournaments!

In the Coming Weeks I will post the Start Date for Season 14!

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14 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

Also there is a sound cue when your shields are about to drop and when they are recharged. Don’t turn the Queen soundtrack up too much or you’ll miss it, as happened to m… I mean someone I know.


There are no videos of anybody playing this right - feel up to it, @kermit73? I might try to make a video if nobody else does…

I posted a video earlier.  It's the 6th or 7th post on page 2 of this thread.


Maintaining a shield and getting through the map quickly seems to be the key.


A few other tips:

  • Don't waste time trying to rescue the humans, especially at higher levels.  This aligns with the strategy of maintaining a shield and completing boards quickly.
  • When you get caught in a swarm of debris, try to enter a hatching pod as soon as possible.  Most/all of the debris will immediately disappear to make way for the warriors (there aren't enough sprites to display both warriors and debris on the same scanline).  You can then shoot enough warriors to get your shield back up.
  • Try to enter the hatching pods with your ship all the way to the top or bottom of the screen and along the far left or right side of the screen.  Then move up/down and time your shots carefully to take out all the warriors.  If necessary, move your ship to the middle of the screen and reverse direction to take out the last 2-3 warriors.  If you miss more than one shot on the higher levels, you may not take out enough warriors to get the shield.

My game usually ends when I'm not paying attention to when the shield drops and crash into something that could easily have been avoided.

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So, I didn’t realize until just now that you can just fly out of the disrupter fields. I thought you had to shoot a generator in order to leave! If I had figured that earlier I might have had a better score. Oh well!




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