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ANN: for those vendors making pre-release versions of #FujiNets


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We are still actively in development for #Apple2 Fujinet, both in hardware, and in firmware.


We tried as hard as we could to freeze the hardware development of the #Apple2 FujiNet.


But we discovered that the SPI bus on the ESP32, which drives both the local SD card storage, and the SmartPort signalling, can become contended when used by tasks other than the main SmartPort loop. An example of this is the CP/M device, which uses a long running task to implement the CP/M virtual machine, which talks to the SD card storage directly; where because of this, an SPI request to deal with the SD card slot can now happen at the exact same time as the SmartPort task needs to deal with the SmartPort.


Since further firmware device development could potentially run into this issue, it was decided that we would fix the problem in hardware, by moving the SD card to the alternate SPI transciever. To do this, we are still discussing changing pin mappings, which will require a hardware change.


Since this is a pin change essentially, this can be applied as a jumper bodge to existing hardware, and it is highly suggested that vendors contact existing customers about the needed changes, once we announce them, so everyone can benefit.





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