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HSC20 Round 1 POLL (Jan 2023)

Multi-pick before voting!  

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Here we go! Season 20 of the world famous and much cherished 8-bit Atari High Score Club begins...


Welcome all please vote and play, new players always encouraged to join in.


Round 1 starts as soon as we have a winner or we are "ready for the off" :D


I've picked 9 goodies for the first poll, pick as many as you like before voting runner-up games will go through to the next poll.


Post your 10 to play on the games list thread, these will feature in future polls.


Any questions just post :)


Have fun!




Fairly tough platformer but it plays very well. Fandal has XEX, also has arcade and enhanced editions (by darryl1970, same gameplay different graphics as far as I know!)

Donkey Kong Junior



deteacher: "Arex has a simple premise. First of all, play the dungeon level...not the arena. Cover as much of the board as possible without boxing yourself in (It's kind of like Nibbler meets Qix meets "Surround." There's very little room for error, so be efficient. Catch the "eggs" that travel around the board for extra points. If the "eggs" hatch, they will turn into a bird or a demon. If either of them touch you, you lose a life.


If you don't cover enough of the board and get stuck (or if you stop moving for too long) an enemy begins tracking you down, following the same path you traveled, until it nabs you, costing you a life."


This game has a great soundtrack (especially when the baddie starts chasing you down.) Love this game! :)


Fandal XEX, Atarionline.pl ATR&XEX

Atarimania [rating 7.2]



Satan's Hollow

A HSC favourte, a really good shooter, slightly hard to see the bullets on some screens on PAL systems (that's my excuse!). 

Downloads - Fandal XEX, AtariOnline.PL have various versions



Pole Position

AtariAge Info on  Marius PAL Version ATR (mydos/1050 density): PolePositionMariusPALandFixedNTSCFileVersions.ATR 130.02 kB · 226 downloads   **do not use NTSC ver here **

Atarimania (instructions & files) ATARI USA DATASOFT UK ATARI UK

Fandal XEX

Atarionline.pl ATR/XEX



The best 8-bit Sking game on any machine :grin: Downhill, Slalom and Ski-Quest game modes...

SKI-IT v1.4




Fandal xex

XEX & ATR (v1)  atarionline.pl

ROM atarimania

Ms. Pac-Man



(English Software Co.). Note: Move joystick to start. Dig Dug style game. 7.9 rating on Atarimania

Fandal XEX



Atarimania has some info and checkout the detailed comments.

Download Fandal - XEX OR Fandal's NEW PAL FIXED VERSION: upndown_fix.xex Slower but the trucks can be seen when they appear!

Up'n Down



One of the best games ever, great fun. Play the 1984 Version with title screen animations, supports Trak-Ball too :love:

fandal's XEX is PAL fixed (also works on NTSC)

atarimania has all the info


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From what I can tell, these games were last seen in the Atari 8-bit HSC at these times:


Ms. Pac-Man: January 2011
Diamonds: May 2012
Arex: December 2013
Up 'n Down: April 2016
Donkey Kong Jr: November 2018
Ski-It: November 2018
Satan's Hollow: March 2019
Millipede: November 2020
Pole Position: May 2021

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58 minutes ago, Marius said:

I hope I will find time and peace in my mind to join this. Would like to be part of it again. 

Hi M, I've found the Atari a great distraction from life's troubles. hope to see you here again :thumbsup:

46 minutes ago, MichaG said:

I've just made an invitation post in the ABBUC forum...

Thank you Micha, some of the abbuc bundesliga players join in here from time to time :thumbsup:

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