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Slew o' consoles for sale


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I got balls deep in collecting a bunch of consoles from the 80s/90s/00s that I had growing up, or never had and now I have the money.  I cleaned them up, recapped some of them, modified some of them, etc.  I don't play them much anymore as most of my free time is now spent practicing guitar.


I'm in Chattanooga, TN and have no problem shipping any of these.  I can take pics of any of them you want, videos of them playing a game, whatever you need.  All prices are Price Charting checked as of today.  All prices are shipped with PayPal gift.  Keep in mind, if it says recapped, I'm not including the cost of the parts or my labor to install them in my price.  The Price Charting prices listed are for bone stock systems with old capacitors where the system hadn't been maintained with fresh parts.


Nintendo 64 with 2 controllers (joysticks cleaned and re-greased), a Memory Pak, Super Mario 64 (loose), The World Is Not Enough (loose), and a new Everdrive 64 X7 with all US release games on it.  I haven't recapped the psu yet but I have the kit that'll come with it.  $374.50 for everything on Price Charting, I'll take $325.


PS2 Phat style with 2 dual shock controllers and 2 8mb Sony memory cards, as well as a 3rd with FreeMcBoot.  It hasn't been recapped.  It has a 1tb Western Digital hdd in it with a buttload of games.  There is still plenty of room in there in case you want to add more games.  With Price Charting prices, the hdd, and the network adapter to install the hdd, I'll take $160.


Also, I have a TON of 2600s I recapped, av modded (some are original rf still), some got led mods, etc.  Woodys, Vaders, Jrs, probably a 6er or two.  May even let my Sears Video Arcade II with 2 original controllers go too.  

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20 minutes ago, WIZZARD77 said:

Curious as to which model the Saturn is and what color. I'm also interested in info about the TG-16 consoles.

It's a white case round button model.  The TG16s I have I'd let go is one in its original box with stryofoam and matching serial numbers and the pack in controller, hookups, and Keith Courage (I think it has the comic book in the game too).  The other is just a loose one I bought in a lot a while back to get ahold of some games I needed with hookups but is missing the cover on the back to cover up the serial port.  


Also, if someone had a fat stack of cash, I'd sell my entire TG16/PC Engine collection: consoles, controllers, tons of games, etc.

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Alright guys, I've sold the PS1, Saturn, an Atari, and will be selling some of my SNES games off another thread.  I should have listed these long ago, I get way more interest off here than FB Atari groups.  The N64 and PS2 are still here and several more modded and refurbished Ataris; mostly Vaders.  I have a couple Woodys, a Jr, and a Light 6er left.  

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