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Selling Magnavox Odyssey Extra Games of 1973 and Shooting Gallery


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Hello, I am owning a set of the 6 very rare games for the magnavox odyssey from 1973. All in the original shipping box. So as you might know this includes the following games.






Brain Wave

Interplanetary Voyage


Everything in really good condition! You can see it on the picture.


I live in Austria and bought those games about 10 year ago from the States. So shipping would be from Austria. If you know a person living in Austria the games can also be handed over in Person. The city I live in is Graz. I can show the games in a video call (using Whatsapp for example) or send more pictures if desired. Here in Europe those games are not known. So I think it is easier to sell them here.


In addition I have Shooting Gallery. Not in the best condition, but quite good considering the age of it.


I hope that everything can be understood as I am not a native. 

Just come back to me with your offers. Let's find out if we can make a deal.




Magnavox 1973games.jpg

shooting gallery.jpg

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