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Info on these two homebrews please?

Andrew Davie

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In a box today I found some bubble-wrapped games that I'd never actually unpacked until now. Labels look homebrew/laser printed maybe. Could be inkjet even

They're originals, not repros... Vault Assault and Crazy Valet.  The labels are slightly different than those I see online - the CGE logo on Crazy Valet, and the ribbon on Vault Assault. I can't remember how/where I got these - probably from the author, but I'm just curious now when they were made and released, quantity sold, etc.





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Both were available at the 2001 CGE directly from the author.






Although the memorial ribbon on Vault Assault would mean that particular cartridge was purchased after September 11, 2001 (which occurred a month after CGE).

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Amazing to think that the origin of '2600 machine is about the same distance, timewise, from when those carts were released, than today is.  In other words 20+ years.  Another way of thinking of that; the '2600 is twice as old now, as it was then. Just a baby. Amazing that we're still going.

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