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CV HSC Monthly Gaming Alternative - Round 1 - Escape from the Mindmaster

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High Score Club

Monthly Gaming Alternative

Round 1


Game Information

Game Name: Escape from the Mindmaster

Released by: Original Game: Starpath. Designed by Dennis Caswell 1982. . CV: Epyx (Prototype) 1983.

Settings: Play any of the 4 settings. Skills 1-4.

CV HSC High Score: To be determined. First time playing Escape from the Mindmaster in the CV HSC.

Manual (2600):  https://atariage.com/manual_thumbs.php?SoftwareID=1008


Round Ends: Tuesday February 28th at 8:59 PT - 11:59 ET


Final Scores:


Skill 1 Slow Alien 10 Tries

1)716 NCG

2)389 DuggerVideoGames

3)266 Mikey50

4)164 ed1475

5)100 jblenkle

6)  77 fakecortex


Skill 2 Slow Alien 6 Tries

1)854 NCG

2)382 DuggerVideoGames

3)201 Mikey50

4)108 jblenkle



Skill 3 Fast Alien 10 Tries

1)809 NCG

2)476 DuggerVideoGames

3)254 Mikey50

4)223 jblenkle



Skill 4 Fast Alien 6 Tries

1)899 NCG

2)328 DuggerVideoGames

3)196 Mikey50

4)164 jblenkle


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Good Luck!






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Final Score Update
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Welcome to the first round of the Monthly Gaming Alternative. We will be playing month long sessions of various games that we haven't yet played, prototypes such as this one and some ports and Homebrews as well. Is there a particular game you would like to play in this format? Let us know. Feel free to post scores for any of the four Skill levels whenever you like throughout the month of February for Escape from the Mindmaster. This is a separate competition from our Season play. More of a Alterseason if you will in todays lingo. Kind of like Miss Zylon does with the  OE Challenges at the 5200 HSC. 

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604 (Skill 1). The game can be paused with #0 on the keypad, 7,8 or 9 restarts the game. After starting a game and entering Level 1, you can push 2,3,4,5 or 6 to enter and start on any of those levels. Here is a video of the 604 game earlier today. Enjoy!




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