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Redemption 5200 Label Contest


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Ha! Great idea... EXCEPT, how many people actually own a label machine? Just thought I would throw two cents in.


As for Illustrator. Welcome again to an overpriced Adobe product. In any case, I used PhotoImpact 7, which I only paid $100 for (and got Cool 360 and Photo Explorer free) sweet deal, man.





"You must have fallen from heaven, baby. That would explain what messed up your face" - Weird Al

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Let's see this sequence of events...

1) Redemption label contest began

2) People submitted entries

3) Winner was picked

4) TripnTrancr didn't win

5) TripnTrancr is rude and insulting




Can't you lose gracefully, TripnTrancr? Hey what's that over there I see! *points to spilt milk*

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Just a heads up that the first batch of Redemption 5200 Controller Adapters were shipped today. We decided to create a manual for the Redemption 5200, which wasn't of the original plan since these are pretty much "plug and play". However, in testing we decided there were a few points we wanted people to know, so we are now working on a manual. Matthew Bowman, winner of the label competition, is going to put together the manual, and we have already supplied him with the manual text.


However, we did not want to wait any longer before shipping the adapters out, so the first large batch was shipped today, and the remaining adapters that have been ordered thus far will be shipped tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday. A temporary manual is being included with these orders, and we will ship the full-color manual to everyone at our expense once it has been completed.


Packages are being shipped in the order received, and you can check the status of your order by logging into your account in the store. Anyone whose order has shipped should have already received an email to that effect.



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