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Firmware suggestion

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@mozzwald @tschak909 - Is there any reason why the config screen doesn't show the build date as well as the build number? I have to admit that I can't keep track of the current build number. However, if the build date also appeared on the config screen, I'd know immediately if I have the latest firmware or if I only thought I loaded the latest firmware. :)


I think it might be easier when dealing with us simple users. If we give you a date that you know isn't the latest firmware, you simply tell us the first step should be to update the firmware and see if the problem still exists.


Just my $.02.


Bob C

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Way back in the beginning of FujiNet a script was created in the build system to set the version number based on the git commit short hash. This is still in use. I suppose it's about time we use actual version numbers. Will chat with the rest of the team and figure something out and look into adding build date to the webui and/or config screen

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