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Atari ST newbie with questions Netusbee UltraSatan etc.


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3 hours ago, blacka013 said:

Hi TGB1718,


did you contact Retrolemon to see if they would repair/replace your Netusbee?



No, I checked when I purchased it and it was too long ago, had it a few years, I remember when I

first sent it back with ethernet problems, I felt they didn't want to do anything to help then and that

was a few weeks after purchasing it, so figure I've got no chance now :(


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On 2/12/2024 at 10:04 AM, TGB1718 said:

For the USB drive, I created several partitions each 1GB using FAT when formatting.

On the ST put the files :-





Into the AUTO folder of your boot drive, the files must be put in the AUTO folder in that order.

I found I needed to put BIGDOS.PRG in the AUTO folder also before I could MAP/Access the drives.

Which program do you use for formatting the USB drive?  I have a sort of funky set up; I'm using a card reader with a Compact Flash card (2gb) that I formatted with fat16 (supposedly) on Linux.  Problem is, when I'm in normal TOS instead of FreeMiNT, I can't read / write to it, so I'm assuming it's still Fat32 instead.  The fact it supports long file names also sort of gives it away...  I was thinking I should be able to format it with HDDriver,  but haven't attempted such a thing yet.
Mostly wanted it for swapping data between my Falcon and 'modern' computer.  Also, would use the UltraSatan, but seeing how the Falcon omitted the ASCI port, I'm kind of unable to do such a thing :)

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I just use normal Windows to format the drive as FAT (maybe 32, I don't have the drive with me to check) 

As I mentioned, you need BIGDOS.PRG as the first program in your AUTO folder, then put the other

in order, without BOGDOS mine can't see the partitions.


I put the files in the AUTO folder on my "real" 4.3Gb hard drive with ICD Pro and those drives appear first, then the 3 USB drives

so backing up to USB is a breeze :)


I'll get one of the drives later and check it's format.


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