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Clearing my Palmtop/Portables collection (Psion, HP, Casio, Tandy, Sharp, Atari, ...)


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I am selling the following items in my Palmtop collection. I have been keeping these items for many years and seldom use any of them.


HP 95LX 512KB RAM - $50 [SOLD]
HP 100LX 1MB RAM (English interface, without battery door) - $70
HP 100LX 2MB (English interface, with battery door) - $90 [SOLD]
HP 320LX (English interface, with battery door) - $70
HP 620LX (English interface, built-in battery is still working, comes with compatible charger) - $70 [SOLD]
Psion series 5MX (English interface) - $70 (2 units available) [BOTH SOLD]


Added 14 Feb 2023


Sharp Pocket Computer PC G850V - $80

Sharp Pocket Computer PC G850VS - $100

Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 - $70 [SOLD]

Added 17 Feb 2023:

AlphaSmart Neo (2 units). On one unit the key cap for letter O is a bit loose, selling at $65. The other unit has no keyboard issues, selling at $70. Both units are otherwise working well.
AlphaSmart Dana (2 units). Both units have been modified to use rechargeable NiMH, inserted in place of the original AA battery holder. LCD looks a bit dark, but both units are otherwise working well. Selling at $40 each.

Added 08 March 2023:

HP Jornada 720 Docking Station ($20). Not tested as I do not have a matching unit. However, the unit is in good physical condition as far as I can tell.
2MB PCMCIA SRAM card ($70 each). Multiple units available.


Shipping worldwide starts from 8USD. Tracking number will be provided. I accept payment via Paypal.

Interested, please PM me.


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