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AVARIS II cart image release


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Just to let everyone know there's been a bug-fix for the game and various changes made.  The bug occured when crashing with the ground, it sends the player back to beginning of game. This bug wasn't detected right away.  I did check for crashing with ground but only during the 1st wave of enemies.  I didn't think to check for it at any other stage.

Today I accidentally crashed into the ground avoiding a weaponized saucer and it sent me back to the Alabites.


This is in truth, stressful.  To think everyone who downloaded the game has the bugged version and they might not get chance to see it's been corrected.

It's the best game I made to date.  I think I need a break , even though coding the TI takes away some of the issues with anxiety and stress that I suffer, it can end up adding a little bit of stress too if things like this happen.  And it did.  


AVR2-G.BIN < bug fixed file.

New font added
ground scrolls faster
new enemy warning sounds
starfield slightly improved
starts in "attract mode" with joystick operable. Player can either press fire, or crash with ground, to start.


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11 minutes ago, jrhodes said:

*snorts under breath* Let me know how that works out for you... *takes a sip of rum-spiked coffee*


Really though, good work on this game 🙂

Thanks.  It took a while and spiked my angst when I found the last bug but it got there in the end.  The one thing I am proud of is that bit-shifted starfield I made.  I would have like it to have been a little faster and perhaps more stars but that wasn't to be but I still like it.

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6 hours ago, globeron said:

Nice game! just played in js99er.net, but slows down the movements when keep pressing arrows not sure why. will try the real TI tomo.

With JS99er we have to click on the main TI screen after either selecting a game or using the options.  Otherwise usage of arrow keys can scroll through the top tabs of options as well as control the player.  Are you using Chrome? 99er is optimized for that , but is not the best on others.  And thanks!  Yes it's been a frustrating and fun exercise , has Avaris.  

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1 hour ago, mizapf said:

Are the BIN files alternative versions, or are they intended to be put in the same cartridge? I put both in a RPK and got two entries for AVARIS II in the selection list.

Far as I remember, @mizapf , the G file is for SpinalGROM and the 8 file is for burning to EPROMs so I wouldn't know about how to go with RPK but I'd hazard a guess you'd be best using the 8 file for it.  

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OK, seems as if paged378 type works with the -8 file. Nice game, I reached the second level, scored 460 points. The weaponized saucers are much more difficult to master.




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<romset version="1.0">
      <rom id="romimage" file="AVA2-8.BIN"/>
       <pcb type="paged378">
          <socket id="rom_socket" uses="romimage"/>


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5 minutes ago, mizapf said:

The weaponized saucers are much more difficult to master.

Thanks for the RPK :)

Yeah the weaponized saucers were actually toned-down a little bit from what they originally were like, yet they still spike the heart-rate more than a Dramite ever did.  ;)

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The Weaponzed Saucers can be a nightmare but the best approach to dealing with them is to be moving around below them, get ready to dodge their missile, and then come up level with them when they are a little bit in front , and fire.  The way they move means there's a chance that the saucer will suddenly change direction INTO your missile.  :)

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