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The news site www.AtariToday.NET has been relaunched because I have brought my old website AtariToday.net back to life. AtariToday.net is a central news site about Atari Retro News. This site collects news headlines from various sources like NewsFeeds, Wiki, Twitter and YouTube. Additional there are also links to newsgroups and BBS (Bulletin Board Systems).


Something about the history of AtariToday
     In 2003, Mathew Bacon launched the AtariToday.com website together with MyAtari.net.
     In 2007, he finally gave up and deleted the website(s) and discontinued the MyAtari magazine.
     In 2007 I registered the URLs AtariToday.com and www.AtariToday.NET to keep up the News-Site. I used the old Bacon design.
     2012 when i stopped my work as ABBUC webmaster, I canceled the websites.
     In 2023 I grabbed the URL www.AtariToday.NET again. But for the .com URL i was too late. Someone registered the website some weeks before and placed the ancient content from 2005 on the .com site.


And here it is now: www.AtariToday.NET



...with a fresh layout in a similar style to the old "Bacon" site that i love. It is a good starting point for an overview of the latest news from the Atari scene. Take a cup of coffee and enjoy the daily Atari news on www.AtariToday.NET


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