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2023 Harmony Games Div Round 1 WIP (Orignal): Game of the Bear 2 Much To Bear

Dan Iacovelli

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Welcome to the  Atari Homebrew High Score Contest

Round 1: WIP Orignal: Game of The Bear 2 Much To Bear by by VHZC Games / Vladimir Zuñiga
We be using the current Release posted here.

Since you only get a score when you reach the you need to reach the end to get score.

 Scoring goes as follows:

 10pts for 1st place and 1pt for 10th place and after

This round begins on 3/13/2023 at  Noon Central and Ends on 4/19/2023 at 2pm Central
Good Luck! 
Score can be submitted three ways Now:   

  1. via this  post on Atari Age (like normal)
  2. via Facebook on the Atari Video Club group (thread post will be set up)
  3. via the AVC Online website on the AH HSC page

Name                            Score          Points
Chris @ChiTown Chris                        629        10pts                    
James O @ZeroPage Homebrew     471          9pts                
  Charles Wieland  @cwieland                  387          8pts                       

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scores updated
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So far my attempts at getting a score have been thwarted by dying way too early.  So far the only way I've gotten through is on Stella using save states. :) But if I can get through to the end on a real console I will definitely post my score.

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Game of the Bear 2 Much To Bear on tonight's After Dark ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!




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31 minutes ago, ZeroPage Homebrew said:

These scores are crazy! Is there a hidden time bonus in the game I missed?


Thanks James.  Not that I'm aware of.  I pretty much go non-stop on each screen with very little hesitation and I don't bother for the extra life either.  It's all memorization on each screen to move fast.  Plus preferred controller is @Bratwurst for me :-)

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5 hours ago, ChiTown Chris said:

Ok @Dan Iacovelli, definitely my last play and score to submit for this game, lol.


Score 623




I am impressed I could never finish these games thats why you never see my name for high score on these games will update tomorrow

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