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2023 Harmony Games Div Round 1 WIP (Port): Elevator Agent

Dan Iacovelli

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Welcome to the  Atari Homebrew High Score Contest

Round 1: WIP Port: Elevator Agent by Champ Games
We be using the current release that is at Champ Games Download page
Play on standard setting (arcade) difficultly setting doesn't matter
Left : a- Startup animation only plays when entering the first building.

    b- Startup animation plays when entering each new building.

Right: a- Disable the in game music. b- enable the in game music.
Game Loops Back to level 1 after competing level 4
scores up to level 4 can be submitted.


 Scoring goes as follows:

 Port games: 9pts for 1st place and 1pt for 10th place and after

This round begins on 3/13/2023 at  Noon Central and Ends on 4/19/2023 at 2pm Central
Good Luck! 
Score can be submitted three ways Now:   

  1. via this  post on Atari Age (like normal)
  2. via Facebook on the Atari Video Club group (thread post will be set up)
  3. via the AVC Online website on the AH HSC page

Name                            Score          Points
Chris @ChiTown Chris        39950            9pts   
Charles W @cwieland           39150           8pts        
  Michael Littau @littaum                35250        7pts      
James O @ZeroPage Homebrew          30450         6pts                 
     Tanya O @ZeroPage Homebrew       4350         5pts     
Dan I @Dan Iacovelli        4800         1pt

Edited by Dan Iacovelli
scores updated
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8 minutes ago, johnnywc said:

Thanks for featuring Elevator Agent!  Darn - I knew this was coming up and meant to post version 3 of the demo beforehand. 😕 


I'll wait until after the contest to post it so there isn't any confusion.


Thanks again Dan and good luck everyone!

no problem johnny

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4 minutes ago, littaum said:

When you say "scores up to level 4 can be submitted", does that mean if you are able to complete level 4, then you are done, submit your score and do not play further for high scoring purposes?

yes, because after level 4 it loops back to first level. you only go until that level is complated

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41 minutes ago, Dan Iacovelli said:

no problem johnny



Some scoring tips:

  • 100 points for shooting an enemy; +50 points if you shoot an enemy in the dark (either on floor 15 - 11 or after shooting out a light)
  • 150 points for drop-kicking an enemy (jump into them); +50 points for drop-kicking an enemy in the dark
  • 300 points for shooting a light and hitting an enemy with the falling light.
  • 300 points for squashing an enemy with an elevator (you must be controlling the elevator to earn the points)
  • 500 points for collecting the secret documents (entering the red doors)
  • 1000 - 4000 points for clearing a level 
  • bonus life awarded every 10,000 points

Have fun!

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Elevator Agent on tonight's After Dark ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!





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