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Rough Justice '84


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Today Rough Justice '84 was released on Steam & Epic Game Stores.

So I am not quite sure if this alright to post it here, never done it before and it feels like a shameless plug given that I was involved in the German localisation process.

With that said I thought that some of you might find some interest in a game that leans heavily into the 80's nostalgia, with the puns, the look and and also an awesome soundtrack.


This is the first title by befriended indie devs called Gamma Minus and it is out on Steam Store & Epic Games Store

You are the boss of a security agency and you have to hire Agents to go on different cases (Repossesion, Fugitive Recovery etc.).

It is a strategy time management game inspired by board games where you have to throw the dice for different outcomes. And you can also make decisions like in other adventure games.

It contains also a lot of mini-games/Puzzles that are interweaved throughout the game and it follows an interesting storyline that you can unravel as a private investigator.

This game is out for PCs today and might come to consoles at a later point too.


Feel free to ask if you have any questions. :)













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Added Epic games store that aparently sells it too.:)
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So today is the day Rough Justice ’84 by Gamma Minus made it to the consoles. As of today it is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One and of course still available on PC.

Treat yourself with a little christmas present and be sure to check out the awesome German localisation. :D




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