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I played Phantasie few days ago. It's a fun game. I started a new game.


IBM PC is easy to start.


You create new characters with the menu.



You move your party with arrow keys.



Sometimes but not always, a horde of enemy can attack you even if you just started a new game.



The best strategy is to save before going outside.

It's better to level up before going further.


Speaking of save, you can save in the town but you can't restore.

You need to restart the game to restore from title screen.


Apple // version is more complicated.


This version does not show a list of available characters. You need to type the number of the character you want to add in the team.



Unlike PC version, you need to press N, W, E and S to move your party in the world.


Also you need to add all characters to the party each time you restore the game.

You don't need that in PC version.


Beside the difference the two versions, Phantasie plays the same way.


You fight to level up and you find treasures.


It's a shame SSI didn't release Phantasie II on PC. I will play Phantasie II on Apple // instead.


Phantasie III is available on PC.

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1) Added can save but cannot load 2) Changed team to party 3) Reworked again. Changed load to restore.
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I played Phantasie one more time.


Let's go to dungeon.


Apple //


LOL! I don't have dungeon disk. I'm stuck at the surface.




It's fun to explore dungeons/churches.


It's a place to level up your party.


The progression is slow. You always need to level up before exploring new eras.

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