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is there an emulator for the sharp mz 700 that allows you to copy and paste?

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i want to copy and paste a program out of basic into notepad, etc. ive only managed to get one emulator to work and this doesnt do it. any help would be appreciated. ive tried the sharp mz forum but it wont let me register for some reason, so i cant ask on there...



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The link to the web page works, but the 7z file provided for download only yields Access Denied when I try to unpack it. I don't know if it is corrupted, is supposed to be a different file format than 7z or somehow requires a password to open, though none is asked for by my software.

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ive managed to get it to open but it just sits there beeping at me with blue stripes on the screen. as there are no help files or instructions for it i dont know what to do.


*there seem to be some instructions online but they dont really help

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You might need rom and font files.  The documentation mentions the following.


    IPL.ROM        $0000-$0FFF
    MZ1E14.ROM    $E800-$EFFF
    MZ1R12.ROM    $E800-$EFFF
    MZ1E05.ROM    $F000-$FFFF
    FONT.ROM    8x8 dots font image


Mame also emulates this system.  Getting programs in from a text file isn't usually a problem.  Never thought about getting a program listing out.


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