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Minecraft Comes Alive is back


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The original mod Minecraft Comes Alive was released for Minecraft 1.6-1.12 except 1.11.


Someone decided to revive this mod under the name Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn (MCA Reborn). It supports 1.64 to the last version.



Meet Whistley the first villager to live in my house. Unfortunately she disappears with no trace.


MCA Reborn, menus are improved than previous version and add more options to choose.



Welcome to Pondville? What is that?


For some reason, once a villager lives in my house, it becomes a village. Too bad, I can't choose my own name.



In MCA Reborn, babies won't walk. You need to take him or her.


You still interact with babies by talking or telling a story. Babies mood will improve and grow up.



When you go near a village, a village name shows.


Beside all new additions in MCA Reborn, it's still MCA and I still enjoy it.


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