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Tower attack!

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Hi all!


Again, an state-of-the-art game from nanochess, including poliphonic music, big animated sprites, and many colors!!! Even it includes my new feature: Download levels from the Internet using my patented Inteliwifi code.


This game is set in the future, when big evil corporations dominate the whole world (wait, it sounds familiar! well I don't mind), and Rev Corp. finally has adquired all the Intellivision cartridges of the world. However, our hero has the last 10 loose Intellivision cartridges in his house, and now the hordes of Rev Corp. clones will try to stole these cartridges!!!


The only salvation is the ability of our hero to throw Atari cartridges at light speed towards the clones. (Yes, even in the future, everyone has access to tons of Atari cartridges for just cents a copy)




Enjoy it!



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Man, I should do a mod. Instead of Rev and the cartridges, it would be Cmart defending his 10 boxed ECS computer.  I'll try to draw a bank vault which contains the ECS. Instead of a tower, it'll be a windowless apartment building.  Have Cmart wear a wig to make it different from the sprite.  I won't bother putting pants on them since they are behind the wall, thankfully. And compress the level using RLE, so it'll load a lot quicker over wifi. Use color stack mode to make the L: to l:, lower case. And invert the brick, so I can just load the color into the stack without using wifi. Maybe different brick pattern so it doesn't appear that I modded your version completely. Oh, also change the title screen from Tower Attack to Apartment Attack.

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