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Using a #FujiNet, a SIDE 2 or 3 cart, and an Ultimate1MB together.

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There have been a few users who have stumbled while setting up their SpartaDOS X installations to use both FujiNet and their SIDE 2 or 3 cartridges with their Ultimate 1MB.


TL:DR: Set Enable SIO STATUS wait routine to NO in the web interface.





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On 4/6/2023 at 11:16 PM, tschak909 said:

Use the web admin, or the disk swap button.

Hi Tom


I'm sure I'm being a bit thick but could you plse expand on the above a bit please. I'm running an emulated config under Altirra but with U1Mb & SIDE3 (but disabled as per your video above) & I'm using the FujiNet PC Launcher app to emulate the FujiNet device.


As you instruct in the video in the web UI I've set the SIO Status wait routine to No & sure enough when I DIR D1: from the SDX prompt up comes the FujiNet directory & I can run CONFIG.COM  & up it runs no problem. But as the OP above asks - I don't get how I can then quit out back to the SDX prompt. If I hit the (virtual Launcher) SD button I get a dialog box in Windows. Obvs I'm doing something stupid - can you offer any help plse ?

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On 4/16/2023 at 2:12 AM, tschak909 said:

oh gosh, I read that wrong. Sorry, no there is no way to exit config, as it was meant to be booted into. We can add a feature request for that.




Does anyone know if the alternate CONFIG that Fenrock is developing will include the above requested function - IE the ability to run CONFIG from the SDX prompt & quit back out into SDX ? Would be really neat if that could be included.

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