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Lyra the Tenrec (CURRENTLY: Open-Beta)

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I've just held the major release event known as "Lyra-Mania Day" in the batari basic forums. In it I released 2 games that were completed.


I also wanted to show off the newest build of Lyra 7800. Includes Roms, GFX & Source Code.




I'd like to say that it is roughly 70% complete. The game has an ending unlike it's 2600 counterpart, once you beat the game. It takes you straight to the title now sporting a you win message. same thing when you lose the game. The title sports a game over message instead.


KNOWN BUGS: When beating the game, it soft-locks you to the title. Screen goes pink if joy0fire1's been pressed a lot. Can anyone fix this?



Intermission screen saying "Most Radical!" Having trouble trying to implement it without screwing up the loadlevel subroutine

Add Tia-Tracker Music for the title.



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