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Atari Hombrew High Score Contest Leaderboard

Dan Iacovelli

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Leader board scores after Harmony Games division
Chris @Teleprompter   56pts
James O @ZeroPage Homebrew 48pts
Charles W @cwieland 45pts

Tanya O @ZeroPage Homebrew 27pts
Mike L @littaum   25pts

Dan I @Dan Iacovelli 11pts
Leader board scores after Concerto Games division
James O @ZeroPage Homebrew 28pts
Pat B @patbb 15pts

Mike L @littaum 8pts

Over all AH HSC points:
James O: 76
Chris :56
Charles W: 45

Mike: 33
Tanya: 27
Pat: 15
Dan : 11


Edited by Dan Iacovelli
Rounds Fianls added from concerto
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