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Which 5200 would you recommend to a new owner in 2023? The 4 port, 2 port or something else?


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1 hour ago, x=usr(1536) said:

A useful acronym I only picked up semi-recently:







It's become something of a mantra.  Sometimes I even remember to follow it :D

If it's any consolation: every time my daily-driver Junior is switched on, it makes a rumbling 'BRRRRRR' noise and shows a vertical grey stripe on the left side of the screen (which is otherwise black) for about three seconds.  After that, it's perfectly fine for however long it runs for regardless of whatever's in the cartridge slot.  I've decided not to make better the enemy of good enough by trying to fix it and just live with it ;)

I would not change it either.  If it works, don't "fix" it.

The Jr is my favorite 2600 system for daily use.  Super small, external RF port, and no protruding switches... making it easy to store on my bookshelf.  Plus, they are the cheapest version on eBay, so I know it would be easier to replace if it dies.

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