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2022 Homebrew Awards - Closing and Final Results

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The 2022 Intellivision Homebrew Awards are now closed and below is a summary of results.

Detailed results are now accessible by opening each poll inside the Awards sub forum.


Best Puzzle Game

Winner: Penguin Land (Intellivision Collector / Golden Bat)

2nd: Fox's Quest (Blah Blah Woof Woof)

3rd: Klax (Dr. Ports)


Best Original Game

Winner: The Pandora Incident (Elektronite / Carlos Madruga & Arturo Ragozini)

2nd: Operation Cloudfire (Intellivision Collector / Carlos Madruga)

3rd: Star Mercenary (Elektronite / Oscar Kenneth Albero Ingles)


Best Port or Conversion

Winner: Beach-Head (Intellivision Collector / The Headmaster)

2nd: Pitfall II (Intellivision Revolution)

3rd: Vanguard (Intellivision Collector / The Golden Bat)


Best Artwork, Packaging & Extras

Winner: Norseman (Coté Gamers / Coté Gamers & Phil Boland)

2nd: The Sorrow of Gadhlan' Thur (Kai Magazine Software / Kai Magazine Team & Oscar Kenneth Albero Ingles)

3rd: Spider-Man (Inty-Home / Dino Yachaya)


Best Sound & Music

Winners (tie):   Infiltrator (Elektronite / Adan Toledo & Arturo Ragozini)

Operation Cloudfire (Intellivision Collector / Adan Toledo & Carlos Madruga)

3rd: Star Mercenary (Elektronite / Kai Magazine Team)


Best Graphics

Winner: The Pandora Incident (Elektronite / Justin Cheer)

2nd: Star Mercenary (Elektronite / Kai Magazine Team)

3rd: Operation Cloudfire (Intellivision Collector / Justin Cheer & Carlos Madruga)


Best Action Game

Winner: Star Mercenary (Elektronite / Oscar Kenneth Albero Ingles)

2nd: Operation Cloudfire (Intellivision Collector / Carlos Madruga)

3rd: Beach-Head (Intellivision Collector / The Headmaster)



Winner: The Pandora Incident (Elektronite / Carlos Madruga & Arturo Ragozini)

2nd (tie):  Operation Cloudfire (Intellivision Collector / Carlos Madruga)

Star Mercenary (Elektronite / Oscar Kenneth Albero Ingles)



Increased Community Engagement

There was a general increase in # votes received vs last year.

This year, categories ranged from 46 to 55 votes received. Average of 50.6 votes per category.

That compares positively with last year, when the range was 37-54. Average of 47.2.


Big thanks to the Intellivision Community for engaging in this tradition and embracing this year's changes.


See you next year!

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