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SOLD - MSX2 Computer for sale (Panasonic A1F)

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I have an Panasonic A1F (MSX 2) sitting around so time to pass it on to someone who will actually use it. The computer does not have a floppy but I believe you can install a gotek drive.



Here is what I have tested, see also the attaching pictures...


1. Powered the A1F up. Did power on just fine and booted to the MSX screen. The boot up sound was loud and clear, and as you can see so is the picture through the RGB out (I am using however an OSSC scan doubler).

2. I run basic and all seemed fine.

3. While in basic I pressed all the buttons. They all seem to work however the ones with the led next to the spacebar did not seem to respond, specifically CAPS, Pause and Japanese characters. CAPS did work first time, it locked the keyboard to caps but then pressing it again didn't switch back to small letters. After a fresh reboot never worked for me again.

4. All the menu items on the MSX screen worked fine (calendar, calculator etc). The only one that I am not sure is the paint app. When I selected it I got the pop up message in Japanese, capture in the pictures below, and posting return didn't seem to do anything, so I returned to the main menu pressing esc. I suppose it was trying to access a mouse or some other peripheral?

5. The only software I have is in floppies, so I could not do much more than the above.


Asking USD$280 which includes shipping to mainland USA. This is for a PayPal friends and family transaction, if you want a goods and services transaction, happy to do it but please add 4% to cover the fees. I can ship outside of mainland USA but we will have to adjust accordingly to include extra shipping costs.


Happy to answer any questions, please DM me.











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