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Giant Vintage Console/Carts collection for sale

Keith M

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Includes Atari XEGS (cib), Maganvox Odyessy II (cib), Atari 7800 (cib), Intellivison II (cib), Fairchild Channel F (cib), Atari 5200 (not boxed), Playstation 2 slim (not boxed)

with a collection of off-brand controllers, and 100s of carts

- Photos can be seen here - https://thinkbolt.imgbb.com/albums

- I am talking with a local collector about selling the entire collection, but idk what will happen






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I can't believe I'm asking, but I'm still salty over what my f'ing father did about 12-15 years ago with the system my mom had since it was new that I inherited(quietly threw it all in the trash clearing the garage without asking!)  We had a F2 complete in a box about that nice, maybe the entire library of carts minus 2-3 maybe again CIB.  I hated and loved that thing as it had some quality weird ass games to it and I detest pre-coleco/famicom era stuff pretty much.  What were you hoping to get out of that F2?


Maybe a bit more manageable as I more know of that market, but the genesis games price on those individually/group?  Thanks.

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