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Hello everyone,


Côté Gamers

is pleased to present its new game: Norseman 2.

On the program:

-new graphics,
-new game system with :

  •     gold recovery
  •     purchase and repair of weapons and defensive equipment
  •     quests to complete for Odin
  •     special powers
  •     change of levels for the hero

For this edition we listened to the fans' requests, so we still offer a Deluxe Edition, this time with the 2 essential overlays ^^.

We replace the making of by a series of encyclopedic cards. Enough to increase your collection!






The game is also available in a budget version, this time with a special overlay!

The postcards are replaced by 2 sheets containing the complete instructions.

We hope that the improvements on this budget version will please you.




Norseman 2 Intellivision boîte budget



As we explain on the bottom of the product pages, the generic costs of production have increased, we are obliged to repercute these increases on the prices. We hope you find the prices reasonable.




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59 minutes ago, Sinjinhawke said:

Côté Gamers games and accessories will eventually fill it's own shelf.


You have passed Sega, Interphase and now Atarisoft for number of games released.  Is Parker Brothers next?

If it were up to us, we would offer you one game per month ^^

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Who wants a little revelation about Norseman?

We are planning to make a Norseman 3 but this time the game will be completely different. It will no longer be about eliminating monsters on a "game board".

Shhh, we've already said too much!

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9 minutes ago, tanuki said:

We are planning to make a Norseman 3

Premise is you have to get your viking (on the left side of screen) to Odin's cave (on right side of screen).  Between our hero and the cave are demons moving up and down the middle of the screen.


Working title is Hotel Norseman.


Before you get too excited I'm just joking.  I have no idea what is in the game.

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To those familiar with the first Norseman, this second version is much more dynamic. You will need to be on the move constantly, and enemies are smarter.


Norseman 2 also has high replayability. The way you decide to use your hard earned gold will be very consequential. The game allows for different strategies and gameplay styles. 


Odin will be watching you all the time! He will help those warriors who are worthy - by bestowing on them extraordinary powers - but also hinder any cowards!
Playing it too safe definitely won’t please him.

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