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Section for non-electronic gaming?

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While browsing through the forum, it struck me there is no natural place if members like to discuss board games, card games etc other than the general off-topic sections. While that might be enough, it can be a little scattered with threads. It seems there is a decent interest in other forms of gaming, and I doubt the section Gaming General Discussion is meant for that?


I'm not sure where a such section should be put: Gaming General or perhaps a subsection of Off-Topic: Entertainment & Sports, just like New Movies and Pro Wrestling have subsections in that part of the forum.

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Yeah, it was while digging through board game threads in the General Chat it struck me there have been quite a bunch of those through the years.


Of course there always are Clubs which could be used for this purpose without cluttering down the main forum, or at least be used as a test bed to gauge interest.

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14 hours ago, bent_pin said:

Anyone remember cheap ass games? I'd love to see if any of those are still floating around.

Cheap Ass Games rebranded themselves to, Crab Fragment Labs, the designer James Earnest has a YouTube channel and still previews his games.

He created several good games, Button Men being my favorite.


Although I hear good things about Kill Dr. Lucky as well. If you like card games like Speed, then Brawl is a different take on the game.



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