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2023 Portland Retro Gaming Expo - October 13-15, 2023!

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AtariAge will again be attending the annual Portland Retro Gaming Expo, taking place this year October 13-15 at the Oregon Convention Center!  We'll have an even larger booth this year, the largest we've ever had at the show, and we'll have many new games available to purchase at the show, as well as demos for upcoming games (and I'll start a separate thread to discuss all those!)  The AtariAge booth will be located right near the main entrance to the vendor hall, so you can't miss it as you enter the show!


Many homebrew developers will be in attendance again at this year's show, so this is a great opportunity to meet and talk to developers about their games! 


And of course this is a HUGE event, and even larger this year with the addition of 60,000 square feet of space!  There's so much to do at the show, tons of vendors, a huge free-play arcade, cosplay, auction, large console play area, tournaments, many speakers and panels throughout the show, and much more!  If I have enough help at the booth this year, maybe I can spend a small bit of time walking around (but I say that nearly ever year, and it rarely transpires!)


Hope to see many of you there!!



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9 minutes ago, Metal Jesus said:

Oh yeah, you took my email at PRGE for a manual for one of the games? No hurry on that...I just remembered. 👍

Yes, I'll contact you about that once I get home, which isn't going to be until the weekend, and then I'll need a day or two to get settled back in.



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