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On 8/6/2023 at 2:43 PM, carlsson said:

James Bond 007 (Agent difficulty) - 9950 pts!


Just like on the first level, stay as far as possible to the left when you dive under the oil tankers on level 2. I cleared a few, but never got to the end of the level. This game definitely has more than meets the eye, so those who disregarded it early on probably are missing out a bit. It reminds me of that Skateboard game that almost nobody enjoyed except me, also a variant of the Moon Patrol theme.


Tend to agree - had a few goes today, the full game on Agent seems quite reasonable really , the flashing mayhem hides some of the divers shots so it works out ok. I didn't figure out how to end the first level but then I read up and still failed to land on the oil rig ?! but will try again next time.

Score 14,950 Agent 000 :D


On 8/9/2023 at 2:27 AM, rdrunner said:

The Living Daylights: Reached stage 3

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but this one seems to be almost unplayable.  The enemies never seem to stop coming and there does not seem to be a safe way to play without eventually taking too much damage.


Wonder if this is to do with having the correct weapon (chosen at the end of each stage) - Fandal's site has the correct order :ponder:


Will end this round and start up the next one in the morning.


The poll is tied so if anyone is left to vote please do so:


Round 14 Poll https://forums.atariage.com/topic/353617-hsc20-round-14-poll/



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Congratulations to rdrunner for the win! Special thanks to carlsson and @Xuel for getting the full James Bond cart game made into a file version, I will play this more in the catch-up and improve round later in the season as it has more to offer than first appears. Thanks also to carlsson again and rdrunner for posting great info on the game :thumbsup:


Not sure about The Living Daylights but may play it again too :ponder:


final tables, but if anyone want to play more just post ;)


  James Bond 007 Novice  
  Player Score Pts
1st rdrunner 005 32,550 5
2nd AtariSphinx 7,070 4
5th carlsson 6,800 3
3rd McKong               1,400 2
4th therealbountybob 1,000 1


  James Bond 007 Agent  
  Player Score Pts
1st rdrunner 004 36,250 5
2nd therealbountybob 000 14,950 2
3rd carlsson 001 9,550 3
4th MichaG 000 850 1


  The Living Daylights (Stage Reached)
  Player Pts
1st AtariSphinx 3
2nd carlsson 3
11th rdrunner 3
3rd therealbountybob 2
4th McKong               1
5th MichaG 1



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