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Top 12 "must demo" cartridges

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2 hours ago, Casey said:

BurgerTime was a pretty excellent port of the arcade game that showed off the system's sound and graphics.  (And it's the last cartridge I ever got BITD, so it's kind of extra nostalgic to me).  

I would agree, if it was not for that the music restarted after a sound effect rather than continued.  I love the game play, but I have to play with no sound because that irritates me so.

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Alien Addition:  https://www.arcademics.com/games/alien


Demolition Division:  https://www.arcademics.com/games/demolition


Minus Mission:  https://www.arcademics.com/games/mission


Meteor Multiplication:  https://www.arcademics.com/games/meteor


Verb Viper:  https://www.arcademics.com/games/viper


Word Invasion:  https://www.arcademics.com/games/invasion


Don't see Alligator Mix, Dragon Mix, or Word Radar.





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On 8/25/2023 at 4:27 PM, zeiche said:

are you concerned about cartridges walking off? would a Final GROM fit the bill or add too much complication?

Too much complication.  I want someone to walk up and instantly recognize the cartridges they played as a kid.  Even pick them up and touch the past.  I have two FG99s, one of which gets used in the exhibit, so that would not be a problem.  I want people to experience time travel.


As for walking off, if I have dupes and can fill the gaps relatively inexpensively, I am not overly concerned.  I would be disappointed but not emotionally damaged.  Every year I exhibit I raise the probability that something will go missing.  It is not a perfect world.

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